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Bus accidents result in injuries that range from minor to catastrophic. If you are looking for a bus accident lawyer in Bryan, TX, call Brian C. Gutierrez, PLLC at (979) 258-6688. We are committed to helping our clients file injury claims and obtain a settlement and the answers they need.

Texas Law for Bus Accidents

When someone is injured on a bus, the person may file a claim under the Texas Tort Claims Act. However, there are monetary limits to the amount of compensation, per person and per accident. Attorney Brian Gutierrez can explain the law and how it affects the compensation you can obtain for your injury.

Some of the common accidents that involve buses include:

  • A Collision with a Vehicle – The mass of a bus in a collision increases the likelihood of serious injuries to the driver and passengers.
  • A Bus Hitting a Pedestrian – There are many factors that increase the risk of buses hitting pedestrians. While these accidents are not always the fault of the driver, driver negligence is often the reason they occur.
  • Driver Improperly Navigating a Turn – Buses are large and require a very different approach to operation than a standard car. If a driver takes a turn too sharply, they could lose control over the bus. This may cause the vehicle to go over the curb and hit a tree, building, or another object.
  • Falls on City Buses – Passengers may fall on buses due to worn flooring, stairs that have not been properly maintained, passenger handles that are not strongly attached, and other hazards. The bus company is often responsible for these types of injuries.

The city may not be the only source of compensation for injuries sustained in bus accidents. Depending on the situation, compensation may be possible through bus manufacturers, uninsured motorist policies, outside contractors responsible for bus maintenance, and other sources. We can investigate your claim to uncover all possible sources of compensation.

Don’t Wait to Contact a Lawyer

In Texas, the statute of limitations for injury claims is two years. However, the Texas Tort Claims Act also has a notice requirement and each city has its own deadline for notification of your intention to file a lawsuit. For this reason, we encourage you to contact our bus accident lawyer in Bryan, TX to make sure you meet all requirements and deadlines. During your free initial consultation, Attorney Brian Gutierrez will evaluate your claim and explain the legal process.

Don’t wait to contact an attorney, if you have been injured in a bus accident. Contact our law firm at (979) 258-6688 for a free consultation.

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